Wild Sussex at the Wood Yard

We sell seasoned logs by the bag or wheelbarrow load. All our logs are locally sourced, mixed hardwoods, properly seasoned and ready to use right away. We also sell, kindling, charcoal, eco-friendly firelighters, log candles, and most things fire-related. We’re trying very hard to be plastic-free and no longer sell our logs in the old plastic nets. Please note that we do not do bulk deliveries. The shop is open on the first Saturday of every month from 10am-3pm.

Local honey at Wild Sussex

Pulborough raw honey – it doesn’t get more local than this.

Beeswax candles at Wild Sussex

Beautiful hand-dipped beeswax candles made by adults with learning difficulties at Nutley Hall.

Hand-made chopping boards at Wild Sussex

Our own handmade chopping and serving boards.

Sussex trugs at Wild Sussex

Traditional handmade Sussex trugs – steeped in history.

Come and choose your Christmas tree at Wild Sussex

With many thanks to Bobby Mills and Jayne Sacco for the images on this page.

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