Conservation and Countryside Management Services

We offer a comprehensive range of arboricultural, conservation and countryside management services to both private and commercial clients. These range from small garden projects to large-scale estate, or nature reserve, management contracts.

We also carry out small-scale forestry works for conservation organisations, local authorities, farms and estates. We specialise in low impact work, using hand-cutting techniques, often on sites where machinery access is limited. We often buy back the timber for our own sawmill or log business, or alternatively, we can help to advertise the timber or arrange a tender to attain the best return.

Tree Surgery and Consultancy

Our services include (but are not limited to):

consultancy and survey work

crown thinning

crown reductions

crown Lifting



dismantling and felling

veteran tree care

stump grinding/removal

tree and hedge planting

pruning and orchard management

hedge laying, trimming and reductions

Countryside and Estate Management

Our services include (but are not limited to):

scrub clearance for grassland or heathland restoration

woodland management

historic parkland restoration

mechanical and chemical control of invasive species

excavator work (vegetation control, litter and topsoil scraping, ditching, dredging etc)

rhododendron and laurel clearance

public rights of way

wild flower meadow management

heathland restoration

land clearance

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